Watching our flower girl bloom

There’s plenty written about raising confident kids. And it’s no surprise. Our attitude towards life, our happiness and our wellbeing are dependent on our confidence and self-esteem. So helping our children to develop confidence is one of the biggest responsibilities we have as a parent.

On the weekend Elsie was a flower girl in our local debutante ball. When the committee asked me if Elsie would be flower girl, we thought about it hard. Part of me squealed and jumped up and down at the thought of choosing a dress. But another part of me wondered, “Really? Why would we want her to do that?” Anthony and I talked about it and agreed it would be a good experience that she was fortunate to be offered.

And it’s only now, after the event, that I am really getting my head around why it was a good experience that she was fortunate to be offered.

First and foremost, fun! Elsie had the greatest time. I was surprised at her excitement and absence of nerves.

There were two flower girls and the other one happened to be Elsie’s best friend from school. So the weekly practices in the lead up and the evening itself were a chance to have fun with her best mate. There was lots of running and skipping and wrestling and playing and talking and dancing. What a thing to share with your best friend.

But what I see now that it also provided for a five-year-old was a new challenge, one that involved independence and a means of learning responsibility, respect and focus. It was a chance for her to feel proud of her achievement and to see us proud of her.  

And we hope that all of that will help build self-esteem, resilience, courage and a willingness to keep trying new experiences.

Of course she got to wear a beautiful dress:

And when the two little girls walked slowly around the outside of the dance floor and stopped at our table to curtsy to their parents, I felt like I’ve never seen a sight so beautiful.

Except perhaps Maeve’s face at our table when Elsie walked onto the stage and the wave they gave each other across the room.

On The Bear & The Whale front, we’re busy filling orders and building up stock and new designs to take to The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market in a few weeks time.

We’ve also just completed an order for art smocks for a kindergarten. Won’t these kinder kids be confident in these bright, fun designs?

10 thoughts on “Watching our flower girl bloom

  1. I remember the author being a flower girl in the deb ball – pictures?? By the way Elsie’s dress is gorgeous she looks very cute.


  2. Oh, what fun! Isn’t the sister-sibling thing incredible to watch. Glad to hear it was so much fun for everyone x


  3. Darn it – I WANT DAUGHTERS!!! You are truly blessed to be able to share these experiences with these gorgeous young ladies you are raising. I too get to share amazing experiences with my boys but shopping for motor bike helmets and body armour just don’t quite cut it on the “girly moments” front.
    PS Love the art smocks – thought they were GROOVY jackets when I first saw them!


  4. Loved the story as usual Larissa, and felt the “Hmmmm…do we or don’t we put our child out there?”, the doubtfulness, and felt the pride and joy that comes with seeing your child stretching herself, doing those things that will teach her the things you mentioned…and the love between those two little girls….Elsie and Maeve…it is so precious. How lovely for you all…and she looks fantastic. All the modelling and photo shoots you do with them will have given her a lot of the confidence for the night as well. You are doing a wonderful job as a mum Larissa…and Anthony as a dad….love you both.
    One of your friends said she will remember that for the rest of her life…I have never forgotten the experience of being a flower girl at a deb ball…most of it was good, but there were a couple of things that left a dirty taste in my mouth…and I was not confident like Elsie!!! Lol…talk about nerves!!! But I do remember it! Still!!! Hehe…..


    1. Thanks so much, Bev! I can’t believe you can still remember being a flower girl – I was a flower girl too in the deb ball in my home town but I don’t remember one bit about it! Guess it’s not about the memories she has of it (cos maybe she won’t remember it either!), but the experience it provided for her at the time and the impact of that. Thanks for commenting and contributing, as always xx


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