Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see

I read that quote today. And that’s what I did.

Actually I didn’t lay in the sun (who does nowadays?), but I thought about that quote as I drove into town and all of a sudden I saw how many shades of green make up the trees, how they differ in shapes and cast cool shadows. Even the grass on the side of the road looked pretty.

Where’s my mind been before when I’ve driven that road? Twice. Daily.

The other thing I thought about when I read that quote (it’s actually a song lyric) was whether it should be ‘Let us lie in the sun’ rather than lay. But who am I to argue? Eric Clapton got away with ‘Lay Down Sally’ while his English teacher rolled her eyes and wondered why she bothered (or perhaps, like me, she’d have Googled it to find out which one is correct).

So perhaps my image should be:


Some readers will be saying, ‘I know—lay instead of lie! Pfft.’

Others will think, ‘Why get annoyed at anyone who makes a grammatical error, O Superior One?’

And others will wonder, ‘What’s [sic]?’

(I probably fit into all categories; I also had to Google the correct use of sic).

Anyway, that’s what was cool for me today.

For Elsie, it was her kinder excursion to the zoo.

For Maeve it was chasing her grandfather around the house with a toy plush orange snake.

And for Anthony, I should ask him, but it’s usually walking in the door at night to his family.

I’ve had a few other cool things happen over the last couple of weeks.

My red owls mobile featured on madeit.com.au’s homepage.

Bec at madeit.com.au featured my pastel coloured necklace amongst her favourite picks for the week:

I added two new girls’ skirts to my site:

So tomorrow, lay/lie in the sun and count every beautiful thing you can see. See if it changes your mood.

2 thoughts on “Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see

  1. Ok, I will 🙂 and I will let you know what happens (even though I already know)

    I have just noticed we will be at the Square togther in December, how cool.



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