Today’s news, tomorrow

In most Wimmera Mallee small towns, businesses close on Saturday at midday and re-open on Monday morning. For that reason, I was amused to drive through one today, past all of the closed doors and darkened stores, and see that a bright yellow sign advertising the Sunday Herald Sun occupied a quarter of the newsagent’s façade. Guess you can grab your copy there tomorrow.

Other things that amused and entertained us for the remainder of the school holidays were sleepovers, catching yabbies to show the girls, releasing the ‘crabbies’ (as Maeve was calling them), winning cheap plush toys at our local show and making this cool paint out of cornflour and water to decorate the footpath:

and marvelling at how it looks like chalk when it dries.

5 thoughts on “Today’s news, tomorrow

    1. I’m sure Max will love it! I had read to make a 2:1 ratio – twice as much cornflour as water. But mine was about 1:1. It’s really just whatever consistency you want the ‘paint’ to be. It’s called ‘sidewalk paint’ on lots of websites. Enjoy!


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