I’ve been baptised

A couple of things:

1. I voted for Darren Percival.

And now I feel like asking everyone I see if I can just borrow their phone for a minute so that I can vote again and again.

If you’re into The Voice, you’ll know why. Last night something inside me changed when Darren Percival sang I Believe (When I Fall in Love). Keith Urban put it simply, ‘I feel like we all got baptised’.

When he sings, he is joy; you can see it in his face, you can hear it in his voice, and you can see it in his body. He jumps up and down on the spot like Elsie does when I tell her we’re going to Nanna’s.

2. I love how 2-year-olds do things like this:

3. I loved watching Maeve and then Elsie copying the penguins’ walk around their glass enclosure at the Melbourne Aquarium.

4. I love that kids forget things, or at least get over them, immediately and don’t realise yet that you can hold on to things and suffer over them for heaps longer if you want to. I had to hold Elsie still at The Royal Children’s this week while a specialist investigating recurring croup threaded a camera through her nostril to look in her throat. He told me she’d kick and scream.

She didn’t move. And when he told her to take a deep breath, she turned her head toward mine and said, ‘I don’t want to,’ at the same time as a fat tear rolled down each cheek.

He said she didn’t need surgery but she’d get croup every time she gets a cold until she’s in her teens. That was the best result we could have heard.

In the shop at the hospital I bought her this helium-filled dolphin balloon. If they’d had a real dolphin, I’d have bought it.

She ran around the garden as the dolphin swam up and down above her and I cried (more than I did when I watched Darren Percival again on The Voice website tonight). And then a helicopter landed on the hospital’s helipad above us and I cried even more because all of the lives in someone’s family had just been turned upside down. And then even more because Elsie keeps amazing us with her health and the miracle of her life.

And then I stopped crying and drove 3 hours home with the dolphin in my rear-vision mirror.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been baptised

  1. I am with you about Darren, I vote too…a lot. I am doing things which are out of character (like voting(a lot)) (and watching TV) and I am thinking of buying all his songs off itunes so I can hear him all the time. I love that joy he has, its so pure, I get all wobbly and teary when he sings, I REALLY want him to win. Theres some other great ones too, but they are young and they have time. Darren needs to win this time!

    Elsie deserved that dolphin theres no doubt, what a brave girl. And a brave mummy too 🙂

    xo Jacq


    1. Thanks Jacq! I like it when you stop by. We’ll have to boil the kettle and have simultaneous cuppas.

      It was the first time I’ve voted, but in the interests of keeping Darren on the show, it won’t be the last.

      It’s no wonder they were having trouble with iTunes immediately after the show!

      Thanks again 🙂


  2. I’m with you on Darren, I haven’t voted yet but I love him and love watching him sing, he just makes everyone smile he’s great. Gorgeous dolphin, Elsie’s a brave girl xx


    1. Thanks Steph, I’d never voted for anything or anyone on TV before but was so moved I just had to – I decided if he doesn’t get through it’ll be because people like me haven’t voted! Isn’t he amazing. They’re all so brave and resilient, our little critters, aren’t they. Hope Xav is recovering xxx


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