First batch of overalls hits the shelves

I’m so excited about these overalls. For one, they’re super cute and super comfy. And two (three, four and five), I got to try my hand at modifying a pattern so that the leg shape was less flarey and more funky, I mastered buttonholes, I got to try out snap crotches and I made them super warm with a flannelette lining in the bottom half and a really cool lining of quilting quality cotton in the top half that matches the signature ‘The Bear & The Whale’ pockets.

Good for me and good for you.

The ones I’ve made (sizes 00, 0 and 1) are on the shelves at Aileen’s Townhouse in St Arnaud.

I’m working on some more pairs in corduroy of other colours and will add them to my children’s clothing page as soon as they’re done.

Stay tuned…

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