From ventilators to balloons

There are things to celebrate in a child’s life. Like all parents, we celebrated babies rolling over, taking first steps, speaking first words, and using manners for the first time without being prompted. This weekend we celebrated again.

Elsie blew up her first balloon.

And I cried.

Watching your child learn something new is like licking a cane toad, I’m sure. But seeing a little girl who spent the first seven months of her life on respiratory support using her lungs to blow up a balloon for the very first time has to beat licking cane toads.

She didn’t want to be shown or told how. She didn’t even want me to watch. So I sat on the swing facing the other way and listened to the air being blown into the balloon. And the guttural sounds of the air being forced directly back down her throat.

‘Sweetie, you need to pinch the neck of the balloon while you take the next breath,’ I suggested gently.

And there she was. Our beautiful little 24-weeker holding an inflated balloon that was the same colour as her eyes.

Then she entertained herself for ages doing this:

Other things we’ve celebrated since my last entry are:

Easter bunny’s visit

Family and friends at the beach

Made-up games like who-can-jump-the-futherest-from-a-standing-position

New treasures

Like a handmade teddy from volunteers of the Australian Red Cross and a little pink chest of drawers in the shape of a crown from the Geelong Hospital’s Easter Bunny after our ambulance ride and very short stay during Easter (another bout of croup).

Madeit features

I was lucky enough to have my red checked pants featured on madeit‘s homepage last week in their ‘Checked Finds’:

And today my green and blue elephants mobile is amongst their ‘All About Elephants’ finds.

Elsie’s first invitation* to a birthday party

*You know, one that isn’t family or close friends…

It was an amazing pirate party with brilliantly thought out games.

A new line for The Bear & The Whale

I’ve had a large order for overalls so thought I’d make a quick pair for Maeve to test out a pattern. She thought they were brilliant and wouldn’t take them off and Elsie thought she’d like ‘a pair exactly the same but bigger’.

4 thoughts on “From ventilators to balloons

  1. Larissa, what can I say? You amaze me with every post. Your writing is funny, eloquent, honest, brave, funny, inspiring, original, fresh, funny… Loving it xx

    PS: Those overalls rock! Can’t wait to see them listed…


  2. Always a joy to hang out here for a while! I just love the middlish picture where the girls are eating their chocolate 🙂 so very sweet!

    xo Jacq


  3. Larissa, I love your blog, just don’t get on here enough! I just love the story of Elsie blowing up that balloon…and you in the background…a lovely story. Brought tears to my eyes too….love to see all the photos….and love you and Anthony and the kids….Bev.


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