A new chapter begins

I feel a bit like today is the end of an era. The era of us having ‘young’ children, staying in our pyjamas for as long as we like in the mornings, going for day trips and not looking at the clock, taking no notice of school holiday dates and not even knowing when terms start or end.

Tomorrow Elsie starts four-year-old kinder. I’ve been looking at all of the photos of preps that proud parents are posting on Facebook and now I’m checking my camera battery and leaving it on the kitchen table to be sure I take one of her tomorrow as we head off for our new three-day-a-week routine. Everyone tells me you live in your car and do twice as many kilometres as usual for the year that your child is at kindergarten.

I want to say bring it on, let’s start another chapter in her life. But a part of me just wants to hold on to her at the age she is now. I guess every age is good (is it? Even 15?), but I’m just loving having ‘young kids’ and the laughs and surprises they bring each day. There’ll be new laughs and new surprises, and new challenges, no doubt, as we go through each year, just that it’s going so fast I almost want to pause time and just stay in our jarmies for a bit longer.

With all of that in mind today, I wanted to make it a memorable ‘last day of having young kids not yet at school or kinder’. The perfect opportunity arose when Elsie asked (for the one-hundredth time in the last few months) if we could make her dog today. She spotted this green furry fabric late last year in Spotlight and just had to have it so that I could make her a dog.

Today, I didn’t say, “Not today.” Or “Perhaps tomorrow.” Or “Once I finish making this mobile for a lady who has ordered it.” Or “Goodness, is it 3.30? I think Mr Maker is just about to start.”

Nope. I got out that sheet of fur that I thought she’d have forgotten about and I fashioned it into a dog. I sewed on floppy ears. And then a tongue sticking out as requested. And a black nose. And she was so busy playing with it that she didn’t even bring it back for eyes.

She loved it. And I loved making it for and with her. And I loved that she sat on my knee at the sewing machine and I had to push her curls out of my mouth and against her head so that I could see the presser foot. And that Maeve pulled at our legs desperately and demanded, “Turn. Share!”

And ‘Greeny’ got prime position tonight on her pillow.

One thought on “A new chapter begins

  1. I spend more than half my week in a kinder, awesome place to have fun and make friends 🙂
    I really do enjoy every age and stage my children have gone through ( although I am only up to 12 yrs!) and my fingers and toes are crossed hoping that I get to enjoy the teenage years too!

    Happy Days Larissa!


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