From meerkats to elephants

You know how you can’t wait to get away on a holiday, then on the last day of your holiday you really look forward to getting home, then the day after you’re home it’s like you never went away – what’s with that?

Regardless, we’re back from our break and it was the best. One day I’m going to just book a few days in a motel for our family in the little neighbouring town; it’d be just as good as anywhere – you’re not doing dishes in your sink, it’s kind of fun hanging out washing somewhere else, and there’s nothing to do but hang out with each other.

Oh, I just got so excited by that I reached for the phone to book in for a week at any of the Motor Inns in a 30km radius of here. (They’re all called Motor Inns between Ballan and Bourke.)

We spent most days on the beach. I don’t know what it is about the beach. Kind of like hanging out your washing somewhere else – it’s just cool. Elsie and Maeve loved it.

And do you remember how hard it is to roll down a pile of lentils? Same.

Going nowhere

We also went to the Werribee Zoo, which for Elsie, gets pegged right up there with the family header ride as lifetime highlights.

Elsie's favourite animals were the meerkats. In the end, we had to move her away so some other visitors could get a chance to see them. We had to do that the second time, too. And the third, when we went back down the path for one last look at them.

And that’s all the holiday pictures, I promise, because there’s a rule about how many holiday snaps you’re allowed to show other people (especially photos of animals. Like these. And landscapes). And if there isn’t, there should be.

At least you’re just scrolling down the screen. You don’t have to feign another “Wow!” like you would if I was showing you in person.

And how bad is it when you have to look at someone’s holiday snaps on the 2-inch screen on the back of their camera? You’re dying for them to look away for a second (because they’re right up beside you looking at them all as well, like they haven’t seen them) so you can work out how to skip 10 photos at a time.

So we got home and I couldn’t wait to get back to ‘work’. I cut out elephants and pinned pockets and sewed and hummed and got everything done. Customers – your orders have all been posted (I love that feeling). Thank you.

And thank you for looking at our holiday snaps. No-one ever says that, so is there any need to spend a polite amount of time on each one before you scroll your finger across the screen of their phone and hope the next shot isn’t just another slightly different angle of the same mountain or child?

One more thing. Cool to see my colourful owls mobile featured on the front page of madeit this week amongst their Woodland Finds:

One thought on “From meerkats to elephants

  1. There is something about the beach that is so energising, maybe its a salt thing!
    My kids love the meerkats and we too spend an extraordinary amount of time watching them, you have to admit they are pretty cute! We were lucky enough to be given a yearly family pass to the zoos for Christmas, so we are looking forward to saying hi to those meerkats..and the giraffes..and the zebras.. alot this year!

    Looks like you had a great time together!
    Welcome Back 😀


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