Christmas decorations

I love Christmas decorations, but I’m not into snowmen and candy canes. So, I’ve made some of these little birds:

Handmade Christmas decorations by The Bear & The Whale

They’re the same style as those in my most popular nursery mobile (the pink and red birds), but in 12 co-ordinating red and white fabrics.

Getting right into the spirit of handmade Christmas decorations, I suggested to Elsie that we make some out of clay and bake them. We made the dough with salt and flour and water. And guess what she said when I asked what decorations we should make?

Yep, you guessed it.

Because we have to have a whole family of objects (whether it’s teaspoons, straws or Lego dinosaurs), Elsie’s snowman was herself, mine was me, and as ‘Maeve’s too little’, Elsie kindly made a ‘Maeve snowman’:

and decorated it.

So, even if I was never into snowmen at Christmas, I am now.

If you’re not a big fan either, take a look at my Christmas decorations in the shop.

2 thoughts on “Christmas decorations

  1. Love your take on harvest! Your words bring back fond memories of growing up on a farm, yes its a woman thing!
    Hi to Anthony and one day you might like to do the market I organise down here in Geelong. 3 times a year, on a Friday. Next one is march 16th 2012. Happy Christmas, kindest regards Di x


    1. Thanks Di! Oh wow, I just had a look at the photos of your amazing work on your blog – you’re very talented, it all looks brilliant and it sounds like you’re really enjoying it. Thanks for the invitation to your market down there – I’ll keep it in mind as it gets closer. All the best to you too, Larissa


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