Four years and three states on…

This time four years ago, I was sitting beside a cot in the Special Care Unit of a Brisbane hospital. In the cot across from Elsie was another 24-weeker, little Stephanie, with her mum, Tara.

Tara and I with our babies (still not yet at their due dates)

In the same room in Special Care and both housed in Ronald McDonald House, we shared very closely the ups and downs of each others’ everyday lives at that time.

Fast forward four years, and back in Victoria, we were very lucky this week to see this:

Steph and Elsie (4) 'flying' around our trampoline

Our northern friends were in Victoria and we got to see our four-year-olds, perfectly healthy and perfectly happy (except for the onslaught of tears over the tiniest things, caused by their talking and giggling in the bedroom well into the night).

If I was starting to mope or complain about petty details in my daily life, I was reminded this week, seeing Steph and Elsie together, of the miracle of life and the fortune in ours.

3 thoughts on “Four years and three states on…

  1. You and your family are so special and it was fantastic to see you guys again! Its so nice to have friends that eventhough you don’t see eachother in years it feels like no time has passed by at all, I thought it was really great that the girls clicked straight away too.


  2. It meant so much to Tara and I to be able make that trip to you guys Larissa and Anthony…I knew us big kids would play well together as we did at Brisbane, but it was fantastic to see those little girls (and Joe and Maeve) playing and having so much fun together. Our families have so much to be thankful for. Stephanie has been asking if her friend can come for a sleepover, which causes a bit of laughter from us. If only it were so simple.I thoroughly enjoyed our catch up.


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