Wish I knew someone who likes making mobiles…

They say builders’ houses are those in most need of attention. And painters’ those in most need of a coat of paint.

Well, look at the mobile hanging in Maeve’s room.

It was a gift to Elsie when she was born. All of the ‘danglies’ have been pulled off by little hands when a first-time mother held her baby up to admire it. Yes, the last remaining dangly has been flung over one of the arms at the top. So yes, it is hanging on an angle. And yes, that is a spider web on it.

I’ve loved quite a few of the mobiles I’ve made and have some gorgeous fabrics I could use to make Maeve a mobile of her very own. But its too easy to package up my mobiles once they’re made and use them to fill orders as they come. And its too easy to save the gorgeous fabrics in a pile called ‘almost-too-nice-to-use’.

I do love the butterflies and hot air balloons designs that I’ve just finished as custom orders. I have a list of designs I’d like to make, and these two were both on the list, so when requests came through to make them, I jumped at the chance.

Butterflies and hot air balloons nursery mobilesFor now it’s back to two more custom designs, so Maeve is stuck with the one she’s been looking up at for a year now. And from the ‘wow’ she gives as she points to it each time I put her in or get her out of the cot, she’s less worried about it than I am.

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