The launch of my new winter range

It was one of those days when you wish you could just lie down at 2pm and sleep for hours, when you wonder how on earth you’re even going to get through the afternoon, when you scull your coffee and swear that you’re going to bed at 7.30pm – as soon as the girls are in (if not before).

But then, at around 7.45pm, a second wind kicks in. Maeve is no longer clinging onto my leg and Elsie’s loud songs about whatever it is she’s playing with at the time have been replaced by slow, shallow breaths. Tonight is turning into another late night for The Bear & The Whale, but I’m loving it. And the late nights have paid off.

On Saturday I bundled up my newest and unseen creations on their wooden hangers and sold many of them at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market. I was so pleased.

Jersey dresses
Jersey dresses (now available in my online shop)

Mum and I were also very pleased with our sales of rattles, mobiles and dolls’ clothes.

These unique $10 rattles make a great gift.

So, after gauging the interest of my newest winter range, I felt comfortable and excited to get them into my online shop and am looking forward to taking orders!

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