How’s the background noise in your house?

If I was ever talking to someone on the phone and could hear their kids in the background, I used to think, ‘We’re on the phone here. Can’t you tell them we’re on the phone. Have you even heard anything I’ve said?’

Now we have our own children and nearly all of our friends and family have their own and I’m used to the noise. Especially during phone calls.

A transcript of my side of the phone conversation might read:

“Oh really. Wouldn’t get in the pool at all? And how’d she go this week?… You need to do wee? Sure… Elsie’s lesson was great, she loved it – do you need to go? Is she okay?… Oh poor little thing… And Maeve had her first swim this week too… You’ve finished? Good girl… Yeah, okay then, we’ll talk next week… Mate, I don’t think she likes that. Sorry, Elsie’s pulling Maeve along by the leg… Wednesday would be great… You’re a good girl to be so gentle, well done… Okay, thanks for the call, bye.”

And I hang up and think how nice it was to chat. And I know my childless friend hangs up and thinks, ‘My kids are never gonna do that. I really wanted to talk to her about this problem. I don’t think she was listening to a thing I said. Poor me.’

On The Bear & The Whale front, I am very excited about my ‘new range’ (ooh, I love saying that) – winter dresses! I’m having so much fun making a new line (did I mention how much I love saying that?) and will add them to my online shop in the next day or two. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

Kick start your little girl's winter wardrobe with this 100% cotton jersey dress featuring a satin bow - available soon in gorgeous colours.

3 thoughts on “How’s the background noise in your house?

  1. Oooh, Larissa – love, love, love the jersey frock!! Will definitely be needing a size 2 and size 4/5 in those 🙂

    And laughed at your post. I actually locked myself in the bathroom today so I could finish a phonecall, with Mika crying and screaming on the other side of the door…


    1. Thanks Gab! Happy to make a very special size 2 and size 4 – stay tuned for the available colours – hard to choose! Will finish one more colour tomorrow and add them all to the shop. Bring on the orders!


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