Twelve days of trifle

The festive season is over and it was wonderful. What isn’t as wonderful, but not at all surprising, is how my face is a little wider.

Weight is a funny thing. We want to lose a kilogram or two (even a gram or two surely), and we know how to do it. But that doesn’t mean we do. There’s no need for bathroom scales or belt notches when monitoring my weight – it all goes by facial width. And I only seem to realise that my face is almost as wide as it is high (that’s the more-true-than-funny way one of my brothers described it in my uni days) when I see a photo of myself. Although, I didn’t need the photo this festive season. I knew it because I worked so hard to make sure we ate all of the trifle and used all of the bottles of cream in the fridge before any of it went off (How did I get four bottles of cream in the fridge anyway?).

I didn’t spend much time at the computer over the festive season, so no blog entries. Nor did I spend much time at the sewing machine. Guess I was mostly at the fridge. Or at the table pouring through recipe books to see what else I could make that uses cream.

Our Christmas tree is still up. I didn’t put it up until a day or two before Christmas, so I guess in keeping with the full 12 days of Christmas, I can leave it there for another couple of days.

I did make a custom-made mobile for my beautiful niece and gave it to her for Christmas.

Chocolate-felt birds
Chocolate felt birds

Browse all mobiles in the shop (new window).

I am happy to work with you to tailor a mobile in your choice of colours. All you need to do is ask.

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