And that’s a wrap. Thanks Daisy.

Today I’m googling ‘how to talk to kids about the death of a pet’. I have til school finishes today to prepare. With a bit of luck, my tears may have slowed down enough that I can actually speak. Get the words out. Tell them that Daisy died today.


I wrote recently about losing our pet sheep, Jackson. And I was grateful when Jackson died that the girls’ first experience with death was a sheep, a pet.

Perhaps it warmed them up a bit for the news they’ll get later today.


Daisy was our baby before we had babies.


And a constant while we had babies.



She’s in the background of most photos we have of the kids outside.


But now she’s gone. And all we have are the memories. Like the time we got home to a clunking and banging sound in the workshop. And there we found our puppy with her head stuck inside an empty can of dog food. That’s probably not one of Daisy’s fondest memories.

We have too many to mention. Pets are the bomb for giving joy and life lessons. In time, we’ll be glad of those.





4 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap. Thanks Daisy.

  1. Oh Larissa. I am so sorry about the loss of Daisy. Our furry family are just as hard to lose as the non furry variety. The unconditional love they show us and the things they teach us are so precious. Sending big hugs to you all. Shell. x


  2. Oh my lordy. This is massive. I am so sad to hear of your news. The pics you have posted are just divine. Showed Daisy was very much loved and a big part of the wider farming family. My love to you all – and to sweet little blacky xxx


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