What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself? Unless you’re interested in surgery, botox or dragon’s blood cream (which has the same results as surgery, didn’t you know?), you’re stuck with the way you look. Maybe I could lose a few kilos or tone up, but I’m not going to use my one wish for that — we already know how to tone up or drop a few grams. (Not that that knowledge alone does much to help…)

By the way, if any of my writing/editing/teaching friends have any idea how to explain to an 8-year-old why some sentences contain ‘that that’ (‘Not that that knowledge alone helps…‘), please feel free to do so. When Elsie has asked in the past why two ‘thats’ are needed one after the other, I’ve thought about the answer and the explanation and given it my best shot, kilometre after kilometre of explaining and clarifying and examples. And I turn around to the backseat to see if she gets it and she’s got her head in a Nanny Piggins book. And I say, ‘Do you get it, Elsie?’ and she says, ‘Get what?’.

(This is the same child that announced a couple of years ago that The Bear & The Whale didn’t really make sense, it should be just The Bear & Whale. But I’m not going to rebrand now.)

So I’m not talking about looks.

Protruding chin and thin lips aside, what do I wish I could change about myself? {Glances up from computer and sees kitchen table covered in mail, packets of seeds, a guitar strap, play dough shape cutters and not one, but two, sticky-tape dispensers. Here’s proof:}


Leads me to my next thought: my house-keeping skills. They could do with an upgrade. But should I use up my wish on better house-keeping skills? Or is there something over-riding my lack of house-keeping? Is it my pride that needs the boost? Or my care-factor? Or is it passion — am I not passionate enough about clean household surfaces?

Is my decision-making the problem — can I not follow through on a decision to have clean benches?

Is it my communication skills? Have I not made it clear to those leaving the play dough and tape dispensers that it’s very important to me to be able to use the dining table for it’s intended purpose some time in the next eight years?

What about skills? Do I wish I could throw a ball? Or catch one? Not really. I haven’t been too hindered in life by an inability to do either. And if I did want to do either of those, I could practise.

It seems that a lot of things I could change about myself are possible through effort and dedication and motivation, or not possible and therefore not worth worrying about.

But that’s not the point of wishes.

There is definitely one thing I wish I could change about myself. My voice.

Adele photo source

I wish I sounded a little more like Adele.

4 thoughts on “What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

  1. Look at you you crooner!!(that is using “you” twice together in a sentence although I think there is supposed to be a coma between them) I wish I was more techno savvy. After having bought Daniel a tablet for his birthday and trying to set it up I have realised how untechnically minded I am. That’s one thing I would like to change but then if someone did the setting up for me I wouldn’t complain and wouldn’t have to change. Problem solved!!


    1. Oh I’m with you, Christine! Techno savvy would be great. Thank goodness for Google and YouTube to learn how to solve a lot of the technical issues we’ve come across. And the poor people on the end of the Helplines that have to walk us through various screens with prompts, like ‘Yes, that’s the one I mean. Click on that.’ Well done persisting and getting the tablet set up!


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