If you care about your body, don’t read this post

You know when you’ve done your neck and you’re no longer doing any exercise whatsoever, how that gives you permission to eat like a pig and not feel bad about it? In fact, it’s about the only thing that makes you feel good?

Well, here’s my advice to you. MAKE THIS SLICE:

It’s called No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars.

I recently saw a link to it in my Facebook newsfeed. That was quite possibly the best day of my life.

I’ve cut it into really small squares, so that I can shove a whole one in my mouth as I get the pumpkin out of the fridge. When I’ve finished cutting up the pumpkin and chewing a sticky dense mouthful of crunchy chop chips suspended in a sticky uncooked mix of condensed milk, butter and flour (ie. four days worth of calories and zero nutritional value), I go back to the fridge to get the carrots out, and I shove another square in.

When the girls say, ‘Mum, look at this!’ from the lounge room, I look over from the chopping board at the bench and say, ‘Mmmm!’

That’s full-mouth code for ‘Cool, that’s a really great head-stand on the couch.’

While I’ve got you, I’m having a winter sale on children’s clothing. Everything that I have already made up and ready to post is on sale. There are limited sizes and stock, but I’d really love it all to go a good home.

Make the slice, sit it beside the computer, and browse away…it’s all right here.


4 thoughts on “If you care about your body, don’t read this post

  1. I totally ruptured my achilles years ago and straight after surgery Darren had to go to the US to teach for 3 weeks. He made me 3 full Tiramisu’s so that I would have desert while he was gone. They lasted about 5 days!!!


  2. You are such a funny girl Larissa – just love you!! And no, I am not going to click on the link to discover how to sabotage my healthy eating plan – well not just now while my will power is still credible!!


    1. Please click and make it – you’re making me feel bad. Actually I have such a bad headache right now that I couldn’t feel any worse! Guess that’s a bonus…
      Thank you 🙂


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