Golf is a sport that doesn’t involve throwing or catching

All I knew about golf was that the ball is very small and you have to hit it with a stick that’s head is not much bigger than the ball. Think about tennis and all of that beautiful stringed area for hitting the tennis ball. When I think about how many times the tennis ball bounced onto the next court of playing juniors after hitting the wood at the top or side of my racquet, it was easy to deduce how I might go at golf.

Actually my tennis racquet wasn’t wood. It was made from graphite and every now and then the ball used to get caught in the V-part of the handle just below the strings.

I’ve talked before about being uncoordinated (in netball and in my throwing ability). Well fortunately for me, golf involves neither throwing nor catching and our local golf club are providing a 5-week course of beginner’s lessons through Golf Victoria. Win, win.

And as long as you keep your hands together on the handle, thumbs pointing down, feet apart, knees bent, posture straight, front foot on the ground, bottom out and hips swivelled, it’s really quite easy. Remembering to do all those things at once? Not so much. Pretending you’re sitting on a bar stool and swinging a golf club at the same time is not as easy or as natural as it looks, if you’re like me and accidentally saw someone swing a golf club at the end of the news one night or as you were flipping channels once on TV.

I didn’t take any photos today (had enough to remember with the hands, thumbs, knees, hips, posture, feet, bottom), so I thought I’d Google golf quotes to see what funny or inspiring lines people have made famous about golf.

Turns out people who play golf really, really love it. Actually I did know that from all the coffee mugs and golf-related gifts you see at Christmas time with funny messages on them that only the receiver of the mug will appreciate.

Gardner Dickinson said (and yes, before you Google him to confirm your guess like some people may have had to do, he was an American professional golfer):

‘They say golf is like life, but I don’t believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.’

So I get that it’s a complicated game.

Or is it that life just isn’t that complicated? Maeve did pretty well at simplifying it for me today. Elsie announced that if was the start of Lent, and that meant counting down to Easter. She asked how we could count down to make the days go faster.

And Maeve answered, ‘Why? Why do you want to make the days go faster? Every day is exciting. You wake up. You can play with your friends, play with Blackie, sow crops, go to the pool or visit your friends.’

Fair enough, I’d say. If life’s that easy, golf can’t be that hard.


6 thoughts on “Golf is a sport that doesn’t involve throwing or catching

  1. Larissa, I have to agree with Maeve. I think we complicate life too much! There’s too much to enjoy…like learning something new.


  2. Oh Larissa.
    You have to put that quote on’s magic!
    I love that she pops in to sow crops.
    Gorgeous girl. x


    1. It was magic! I had to dive on my notepad and get it down in a version of shorthand before the last of it was even out of her mouth. Yes, sowing crops – nice that she knows what excites each of us! Thanks for reading and commenting xxxx


  3. Out of the mouths of babes!! Obviously Mauve hasn’t seen all those chocolate Easter eggs at the supermarkets yet and isn’t asking for any before Easter arrives (unlike my 2 year old who refers to the chocolate bunnies as cats – whatever!!!) Lots of giggles reading your golfing instructions – didn’t think about the bar stool posture but yes, it is like that (especially at the end of a thirst quenching session when you need your feet firmly on the ground for extra stability). Keep us posted on your progress – photos too please.


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