Now, you have my full attention

My dad opened the glove box and there it was. A carton of Marlboro Reds. Not a packet. A carton. I was 23 living in America and my parents had come to visit.


I used to smoke for a few reasons:

  1. It made me look cool.
  2. They were really cheap in the States. And,
  3. When you’re shearing it gives you a chance to straighten your back.

I don’t smoke anymore.

  1. It’s not cool.
  2. They’re not cheap.
  3. I’m not shearing anymore. And
  4. I always hated it.

Today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! is ‘A habit you would like to break.’

I’ve thought about this all day and I’m having trouble thinking of a habit I’d like to break. Does that mean I’m happy with everything I’m doing or that I’m perfect?

I watched everything I did during the day to see if there was anything habitual that bothered me. I heated some soup in the microwave at lunch time and noticed that I stand right in front of it while its going. That’s a bad habit.

Sometimes, while Elsie or Maeve are talking, I’m not really listening. That’s a bad habit. That’s a really bad habit actually. Okay, that’s the one I want to break.

From now on, whenever one of those beautiful little mouths opens, they’ve got my full attention. Except if I’m reading something. Nope, even then. Except if I’m thinking about something else. No, then too.

Are you always listening to your children? Do you have a habit you’d like to break?

6 thoughts on “Now, you have my full attention

  1. I am stunned you were a smoker!!! Now that is one habit (filthy, disgusting habit) that I never dreamed you would indulge in. I have lots of bad habits – I don’t eat breakfast, I can’t eat cake without a cup of coffee, I have to have a drink of water before going to bed, I can’t only wash one hand (not that that is a bad habit), oh the list goes on but I don’t think they are bad habits but rather evidence of my mild OCD – or just that I like order and structure in my daily life!!


    1. I wanted to be. And I tried hard to be. But, I just didn’t like it. You do have some mild OCD! I think we all do. The only one you mentioned that is a bad habit is not eating breakfast. You should!


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