I’ll have what she’s having

Who doesn’t love a meal that you don’t have to cook yourself? Even a cup of tea made by someone else tastes better than one you make. I’m not a huge foodie. And when we do eat out, I’m not very adventurous with my selection from the menu. Perhaps that’s why I’m having trouble choosing my favourite restaurant meal. I certainly don’t remember a really bad restaurant meal, and I just can’t recall one that I could say was my hands-down all-time favourite.

I’ve had great simple pizza along Lygon Street and a delicious risotto to follow that had chorizo sausage in it (but chorizo is like bacon – anything that has chorizo or bacon in it is a winner for me).

At Masons in Bendigo you can choose anything from the menu and swear you’re having that again next time you come. Whether you’ve shared plates of their bite-sized burgers with quail egg, beetroot gnocchi or salted caramel ice cream, you’ll leave the restaurant very impressed and extremely satisfied.

And no doubt you’ll have a new favourite restaurant meal, because, oh, I just thought of mine. It was their beetroot gnocchi with local Holy Goat fromage frais, fried onions, young spinach and salsa verde. I’m definitely having that when I go back next time.


‘Your favourite restaurant meal’ is today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May!

Can you name yours?

4 thoughts on “I’ll have what she’s having

  1. Yummo – you’ve listed some great treats there. I love seafood because hubby reckons he’s allergic, well was when younger but I’ve feed him oyster sauce in a stir fry and he never knew! So it’s seafood for me 🙂


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