That’s another one down and it was good

It feels like three days ago that I dragged armchairs around the lounge room floor to make space for the Christmas tree. And we hung decorations covered in glitter and foam shapes from kindergarten. But it wasn’t three days ago at all. It was 12 months.  Did I just go to the toilet and when I came out 12 months had passed?

I’ve rearranged the lounge room furniture again and we’ve hung decorations covered in glitter and jewels from school.

I took a photo of Elsie before she caught the bus for her last day of Prep and I pasted it beside the one taken on her first day to help me see what happened this year.

Maeve’s hair got a bit bigger. Elsie’s dress a bit shorter. Maeve stopped getting dressed before we met the bus. Elsie still doesn’t wear socks.

But that’s not all that happened. I took a walk down 2013-blog-entry lane and was reminded that there doesn’t have to be big things happening – it’s the ordinary little things that make up my life. And I realised that if I’m not seeing and enjoying all of those little things, my life will fly by while I’m barely watching.

So I decided to wrap up the year in pictures. A month-by-month reminder of just some of the small things we enjoyed.

Just as an aside. Now that the lambs have finished with this feeder, it’d be wrong if I filled it with baked beans and put it on the lounge room floor. No, it would.

The highlights from the year don’t stop if you start counting them.

And now, as Christmas approaches I’d like to take this chance to say thank you for your support this year, if you bought something, read my blog, visited us at a market, liked us or our posts on Facebook, told your friends where you bought your toddlers pants or the new mobile, then you’ve helped us.

So thank you.

Enjoy this very special time of the year. Looking back through our year in photos, I’m reminded that there was not one single day of this year that wasn’t.

One thought on “That’s another one down and it was good

  1. And a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family too. Hope the bush fires weren’t too close to you over the last couple weeks – I watched the devastation on the national news and thought of you. We’ve had a couple of horrid days here weatherwise but nothing a cold ale won’t improve!!


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