The birthday cake that kept on giving

The problem was Maeve’s birthday cake.

She’d made a choice from the Women’s Weekly Kids’ Cakes book; a castle. This wasn’t a square cake with four upturned ice-cream cones as turrets either. No. The one she wanted had ornate gates made from icing piped onto baking paper and left to set before standing at the grand castle’s entrance.

It didn’t matter how much I gasped at other pictures in the book in an attempt to change her mind (and increase my chances of getting to bed at some point before the guests arrived), she wasn’t budging off that castle. That particular castle. Even the castle cakes I found on the net with cupcakes as turrets (how easy) were not appealing to her. It was piped icing vines going up the sides of the castle and elaborate gates.

But then I happened to see a picture on Facebook the day before her birthday and when I showed it to Maeve, she said, “I’m having that cake.” We were both happy. Really happy.

The cake is by Claire K Creations - click on the photo for the link to her page

Maeve’s birthday was wonderful.

She got an art house cubby as a gift from our friends and together with her guests, they decorated it:

There was no visit from Santa or jumping castle, but Maeve did introduce face painting to her own party. And her own face.

Now back to that cake. And the end of my post-Easter fitness kick.

(“Oh I love your necklace!” I hear you exclaim. Why not order one for yourself, your mum or a new mum for Mothers Day – they just so happen to be available on my Necklaces page.)

It looked like a kid’s cake but with lime and macadamia meal, the eating was for the adults. And unfortunately, one adult in particular. I couldn’t help it. Over the following days it looked so yummy and bright in the fridge next to the watermelon and strawberries. I kept eating until it was finished.

And now that it is finished, I should eat the fruit. No I will.

I urge you to make this cake – the recipe and instructions are on the Claire K Creations website. It’s really good. Leave out the mini M&Ms and food colouring for a healthier version?

This Friday and Saturday we’ll be at the Women on Farms Gathering in St Arnaud. There’s a Craft & Produce Market at the RSL Hall from 9am til 5pm on both days. It’s a great chance to see for yourself the range and quality of our goods and pick up a few bits and pieces for your little one’s winter wardrobe or birthday.

I’ll be the one at the stall holding my stomach in and nibbling strawberries and watermelon from a Tupperware container.

6 thoughts on “The birthday cake that kept on giving

    1. Awesome Mum or piggy Mum? I am all for making an adult cake disguised as a kids cake though. They run off and play and don’t really eat the cake anyway, and I’m not really into fairy bread or cheezels. Win win.


    1. Thanks Louisa! Next time I’m going to make the same cake as cupcakes, but I must leave it for some time as I will no doubt ignore the automated size portioning of a cupcake and sit there and eat them like peanuts at a bar.


  1. Great cake – Tom’s birthday is coming up soon so I will be stealing this idea for his cake. I’m interested in finding out how to do the swirly icing – will check out the website. Love the sneaky marketing tool for the necklace – you should make matching bracelets (or do you already??)


    1. You must make this for Tom. As I said, none of the kids really liked the cake itself, but that was fine by me as I went around and ate what was left from each of their plates!

      Claire K Creations does detail the icing part on her page, but in short, you just colour the icing in bowls in the colours you want, then slop each bowlful onto Gladwrap and make a sausage out each one, tying one end of each sausage and twisting the other. Then hold all the sausages together, snip off the tied ends and drop all of the sausages (Gladwrap and all) into a piping bag. That keeps all the colours separated until they come out the tip. Looks great, doesn’t it!

      Ooh, I don’t do matching bracelets at this point – thanks for the idea though!

      Happy birthday to Tom! Larissa


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