The big things in life

You can’t vote for Tony and Julia. So I can’t really vote for Karise and Darren.

As an aside, call me ignorant, but I’m putting a lot more thought into this doesn’t-affect-my-life-or-the-lives-of-my-children-decision than I did in the polling booth on election day. Shallow as I may be, Karise Eden’s voice moves me far more than footage of a politician ruffling the hair of a small child.

So. How do you choose between those two voices? Those two artists? How can you vote for one when you’re going to buy both their albums? And it is compulsory. I do have to vote. I’ve never voted for anything on TV, but when I took the plunge and entered that phone number to text Darren’s name a couple of weeks ago, I began my obligation to have a say in who wins. Who takes home the car.

That’s all it is, I guess. They’re both going to be successful artists, just that one will have the title along with the car.

Honestly, I do have other interests. I do care about aged care and education, but everything will be on hold tomorrow night as The Voice (in case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about) airs for the final time and I get to do something else with my Monday nights.

3 thoughts on “The big things in life

  1. It’s almost like choosing your favorite child. Well kind of, I can still vote for Darren happily (and repeatedly)

    I can see how Karise could win, but I hope to who ever will listen that Darren does!

    Did you see his feet under that piano? Happy feet indeed.

    So, about Tony and Julia…….what show are they on 😉

    We are not TV watchers at all, but I have enjoyed tuning into this show and barracking away with my little family (go Darren, go Darren, they say!) and (Mum did you vote for Darren today?) we will miss it when its gone, but I will enjoy one more night of UNO in the week 🙂

    Jacq (who shed tears when both Darren and Karise sang tonight)



    1. Jacq, you write the best comments – a favourite child indeed. Oh, those feet under the piano, how cool was that. Still laughing at your Tony and Julia query! Thanks for the entertainment.


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