Lucky me in the Weekly Times

If you’ve just sat down for smoko and a quick flip through today’s Weekly Times, you may have seen this:

I was so excited when the editor of the Country Living section of the newspaper contacted me for an interview. They sent a photographer out and he snapped away as I peeked through a mobile at his foot-long camera lens just inches from my face. I stopped myself from asking whether he really needed to be that close with that sized lens and thought instead about whether I’d plucked my eyebrows.

They have an online version of the article if you don’t get the orange newspaper in your roadside mailbox and I quite like the photo they’ve used for that:

because look how pleased Elsie and Maeve were to take part in the photo shoot wearing their 'The Bear & The Whale' dresses.

Anyhow, that’s my 15 minutes of fame.

I’ve just added my navy checked pants and the red ones to my shop and today I took some of my navy pants and some jersey dresses to Aileen’s Townhouse in St Arnaud who is kind enough to stock them (along with a couple of mobiles) (Check out Aileen’s Townhouse on Facebook).


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