Another reason we live where we live

Christmas was brilliant, but the highlight of December for Elsie was the ‘family ride’ in the header. She’s still talking about it.

Maeve thought it was pretty good too.

And even let Teddy have a steer:

(1) Ready for our ride (2) Close to finishing the paddock, we head for the field bin and (3) Unload

A close second in December highlights for Elsie was a play in the pile of lentils that are stored in the shed. She climbed up (yes, in her pyjamas), sinking knee-deep, like it was nobody’s business:

And then dived down:

Then tried rolling down:

Sister thought that looked like good fun and gave it a go:

…but went nowhere at all and resorted to the good-old backwards slide:

That last photo? That’s another reason we live where we live.

3 thoughts on “Another reason we live where we live

  1. What fun!! I dragged the girls over to the computer to look at the pictures and they were giggling away. And love the new tail-feathers too – verrry cute. x


  2. This close up of Anthony and Elsie and the lentils is very special Larissa. Having fun catching up on some blog entries I missed – all so beautifully written.


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