Unlearning ’embarrassment’

At some point between Maeve’s age and mine it becomes socially unacceptable to hug your classmates in the pool and blow kisses to the swimming teacher when she says goodbye (perhaps it’s at the same point that big round bellies and well-covered thighs stop being cute in the pool?).

The strange part is, while our one-year-olds are patting each other on the back during a hug, the mums don’t even know each others’ names. We greet by making a fuss of the children, ‘Hey Luce, how are you going today?’ ‘Hi Arch, cool new bathers.’

For a period it was like it was too late to ask each others’ names. Too late? Too late to greet each other by name for the rest of the year?

Isn’t embarrassment a strange thing? I love that none of our one-year-olds are concerned about their actions and appearance. And I’d love it if they never became overly concerned and self-conscious.

Taking our girls to swimming lessons is really one of my favourite things. There’s no washing in the machine, dishes in the sink, clothes to fold, Lego to pick up, or orders to fill; there’s just me holding a very excited girl as she squeals with delight and gains confidence in the water.

On the business front, Mum and I had a stall at the local school fete recently for two reasons: to support the local school and to show the locals what we make.

Surprisingly, we sold lots of things! I would have been content just preparing for a market so close to home, doing some marketing and buying cakes from the cake stall.

One day I’ll be amongst the mothers staying up late the night before to bake those cakes and I’ll pray that mine won’t be the ones on which the MC is requesting at the end of the day that people come over and make an offer.

Now wouldn’t that be embarrassing…

After all, why shouldn't we eat fish fingers in our knickers? And why should I be embarrassed that my coffee table always looks like this?

6 thoughts on “Unlearning ’embarrassment’

  1. Hi Larissa well said just sounds like my house the girls have grown so much they must be watching somthing good on tv most of the time Olivia has no cloths on keep up the great work well done


  2. Haha! yep…embarrassment can be such a debilitating thing!!! I have found it stops us from truly enjoying and getting the most out of our lives. There a lot of things I haven’t done that I wanted to because I was self-conscious. How sad hey? That is why that quote on that layout I did of the kids is so real…”that it will never come again is what makes life so sweet”. When we know what we have missed (or the struggle in having what we have), we realise how important it is to make the most of what we have.
    Love the photo of the kids.They are beautiful little girls…just like Mummy and Daddy!


  3. Those faces are so sweet!

    At some point in my 20’s after spending my life so far being terribly shy, I had an epiphany of sorts! I was wasting my life away being too embarrassed to do and say (and wear) what I liked, who knows what I would miss out on if I continued in that same way??

    If it makes you feel better I will tell you whats on my coffee table…..Zaras knitting, a basket of textas, stickers won at a party, a bowl of beads, nerf gun bullets, a book, a pink belt, a toy guinea pig, a deck of alphabet cards, hairbrush, a tiny plastic man, plastic dolls bottle, torn up bits of paper and a torch.
    It looks alot like an eye spy book page 😉

    Happy Days!!!



  4. You are wonderful! How do you manage to pull my heartstrings with every blog?! There’s a whole maze of emotion behind saying ‘been there, done that’. I’m not surprised you have won literary awards Larissa!
    I agree with you; yay for messy coffee tables, sisterly pats on the back of the head and squeals of excitement when a butterfly lands on the toy you’ve had lay-byed for 6 months!! Funny.

    Sending you and your family tonnes of love,

    Kell, Peter, Lauren and Amelia


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