Order now and we’ll pay the postage

I sent out my first newsletter a week ago and have been very happy with the results. If you didn’t receive it and would like to, you can subscribe in the column on the left. I’ll be sending them out monthly and will include a special each month, a new product, a featured product and the best of the blog.

Still on business matters, I posted the boy’s jersey pants on Madeit a couple of days ago and was so pleased to see they’ve been featured in this weekend’s Picks From the Gift Guide:

The Bear & The Whale jersey pants featured in Madeit's Picks From the Gift Guide

I haven’t put them in my online shop yet, but will do so in the next week or so (Feel free to pre-order some in the meantime though – they’re $25 and available in sizes 6m, 1, 2 and 3. And of course, there’s free postage until 24 July 2011).

Business aside now, we celebrated Elsie’s 4th birthday this week. As everyone says, and rightly so, where did that time go?

Elsie with some birthday bling and a family shot (the best of a really bad bunch - lots of 'Do I really look like that?' and 'That's it - I am not eating any chocolate for a month.')

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