Take that, little sister

I got Maeve out of the bath first. She was so exhausted and ready for bed. I jiggled and shooshed and cooed while I put each of her pyjama layers on, then popped her down on the floor. She took off quickly down the passage and then I could hear giggling and Elsie’s seal noises and the sound of water. On floorboards.

And I found them in the bathroom:

And laughing hysterically, which is hard when you’re walking, and even moreso when you’ve only been able to walk for a week, off Maeve disappeared, back down the passage:

2 thoughts on “Take that, little sister

  1. This is where we’re at with Sachin (3) and Quinlan (14mnths)!! Poor old Sachin cannot bathe in peace without Quinlan hanging around, looking for trouble! Like Maeve, he is just walking, and doesn’t he think he’s great!


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