Blue dresses and blue food colouring

It brought it all back – what it feels like to blow the white and yolk out of an egg, to blow into a hole slightly larger than a pin hole and expect the contents to come flooding out a hole the same size on the other end of the egg. It feels like blowing up 480 balloons.

As soon as Play School was finished, Elsie turned to me and said, ‘We could decorate some eggs. Paint them and dye them. How about that?’ I agreed it was a great idea and was glad I’d watched from the sink just how Karen had drawn first with crayon, then dunked them in the dye, then sat them on a rack to dry.

Our egg family in their car. I'm 'the real Mum and that's the egg Mum' with the long eyelashes (pretty huh?).

I’m making some winter dresses in a new shade of blue after a couple of mothers said they’d look great on their blue-eyed daughters. Stay tuned for them to be added to the shop.

2 thoughts on “Blue dresses and blue food colouring

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