“The Haystack in the Floods”

I’ve just donated the proceeds from my stall at The Children’s Market – Bendigo to the Red Cross Victorian Floods Appeal 2011 and it feels good.

I wanted to let people know via Facebook that I would have a stall at the market. But amid the recent and widespread loss from floods and cyclones, it seemed wrong to say, “Come to the market in Bendigo everyone. I want to make a bit of money. I sew all these things as a hobby and I’d really like you to buy them.” So instead I announced on Facebook that I’d donate my proceeds and that’s what I’ve done.

When Mum and I left for the market, it had rained all night and there was flash flooding across so many stretches of the road. The rain continued all day and I think the crowd at the market was affected, with people (except us) heeding the warnings to stay off the roads.

Still, any sales are good sales, especially when the money will go to support individuals, families and communities in places like Charlton, just 25km away. I took these photos within the same radius of our home:

The straw bale signifies this road's closure, while the ducks make it look like a lovely tree-lined stream.
'The Haystack in the Floods' (which is also the title of an 1858 poem by William Morris. I'm not claiming to have known that; I just found out via Google...)
A header strips the higher part of this paddock, with flood-damaged crop and fence in the foreground. Remember the costs of the floods to rural residents too.)

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