A letter to the woman who drove our children to town this morning

Dear Nasty Lady,

How are you? I’m fine.

Actually, I take back the ‘how are you?’ because you’d have answered with some sort of pained statement containing an expletive about socks or something about needing a stubby.

We really enjoyed the school holidays. It was all very relaxed and fun. I’m sorry you missed it all.

But in the last week of the holidays there was a string of late nights, playing with cousins, a local talent show, a show day, the annual confusion over which clocks have been changed, a barbecue tea for the opening of our new fire shed and then this morning a school bus we missed, summer school shoes that felt funny and a race to make it to kinder on time.

And there you were. Standing in our back porch growling at two tired little girls doing their best to put their shoes on.

We didn’t miss you.

I don’t even like you.

We have two good kids. Leave us alone so I can learn how to parent properly, so I can be kind, patient and tolerant with our children. And I’ll get up earlier tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for not being here for the last two weeks and showing us how fun and easy it is for everyone when you’re not here. I wish you all the best and ask that if you ever do come back, that you try something different – there wasn’t much about this morning that worked well.

Warm regards, Larissa


How did this morning go for you? Anyone else’s four-year-old tell you in her carseat on the way to kinder that she has sauce on her arm from last night’s barbecue?

8 thoughts on “A letter to the woman who drove our children to town this morning

  1. You are such an EXCELLENT writer – apart from the content which always strikes a chord in this mother’s heart, but the way you write is fantastic!! Love, love, love it!! (note to self – practice being more tolerant so I can be a more likeable mother!!)


  2. Oh Larissa…you’ve just expressed how we are all feeling.

    That horrible lady visits me too…usually unexpectedly (she does give one quite the fright)!

    She didn’t visit this morning and I am hoping that she will kindly stay away so we can all enjoy this crazy fourth term.


  3. I’m trying to figure out what the heck the Nasty Lady was doing in your neck of the woods when she was flat out in the northeast of the state!

    Great post as usual, Larissa.


  4. Ha ha, well said Larissa!! Your posts always ring such a chord (as long as sewing isn’t mentioned in there – don’t have quite your talent for that!).
    You forgot to mention the start of daylight savings – that certainly hasn’t helped this week!


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