Three people walk into a bar

Three people walk into a bar. They’re pleased. No-one wants to walk into a bar alone.

At least I didn’t when I was young. Didn’t want to and couldn’t. Could you? Was it social anxiety? Really, would anyone else inside the bar have looked up and thought, “Hmph. Poor girl. So boring.” And if they had have thought that, would I have known? If I did know, would it have mattered what a stranger thought?

Looking back, armed now with all my wisdom and maturity, it seems less about social anxiety and more about self-centredness. Yep, that sounds about right.


‘Three people walk into a bar’ is today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May!

Did you prefer to skip a night out in the early days than have to do the dreaded walk into a pub on your own?

5 thoughts on “Three people walk into a bar

  1. I was probably forced to do this a bit early on. Travelling for work if I didn’t go downstairs and have a drink on my own I would have sat in a hotel room alone every night for a week…I just couldn’t do that.

    But never was I alone for long. Someone always talks to you eventually.


  2. Let’s face it, we women don’t even like going to the loo alone at a bar let alone walk into the joint on our own!!


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