Taking an idea and making it your own

I had a picture in my mind of how it would turn out. Actually the picture in my mind was compliments of Pinterest:


I gave Elsie and Maeve a canvas each, showed them this picture on the computer and waited for the announcement that they wanted to make one exactly the same.

‘That’s cool!’ Elsie said. ‘I’m going to do a butterfly.’

She asked me to draw an outline of a butterfly on her canvas and she went to work on it.

I drew the outline of a tree on Maeve’s canvas (she may or may not have had the chance to say what she wanted on hers) and started getting excited about a clean and simple result with my wispy branches thinning away to nothing at the tips and the autumn-coloured buttons we’d bought to stick on.

I handed Maeve a fine paint brush. She immediately swapped it for a brush with a big fat handle and big fat bristles, dipping it in blue paint and painting a patch of perpendicular blue strokes under the tree. I hope I didn’t gasp. I think I probably did.

‘This is the sky,’ she said.

And to save being on the kitchen floor for the next week, I asked if she’d like me to do the sky while she did the tree. I slid the fine brush a little closer to the brown paint. She dipped her fat brush in the brown and filled in the outline of the tree.

After the paint had dried I handed them each a squeezy bottle of PVA glue and instructed them to put a blob of glue where you want the button and then stick the button on.

And I went and finished stacking the dishwasher. When I came back, I saw that Maeve was following my instructions to a tee.

Elsie’s was finished.

And I love it because, apart from the shape of the butterfly, it’s hers. Which is more than I can say about the one I was trying to have Maeve create.

And so that Maeve wasn’t on the kitchen floor until next week, I took the squeezy bottle and made much smaller blobs for the girls to stick buttons on the tree branches. And we finished with this:

And I love it because it’s ours.

Clean and simple? Nope. Not much of the artwork on our fridge and walls is. But they are originals. They’ll be hung proudly in their bedroom.

Speaking of bedrooms, have a look at this space:

Photography by Clare Metcalf Photography Melbourne
Concept and design by Lottie and Me
Blanket and cushion by Life is like a blanket
Lamp by LampShadeHouse
Blocks by Lilipad’s Sewing Room
Mobile by The Bear & The Whale
Quilt and cushion by Belle and Jay
Wall art by Lexi and Letty

These beautiful creations can all be found in the upcoming Huckleberry Market Extravaganza. I created a custom mobile for their product shoot and am so looking forward to having a stand at our first Melbourne market. It’s at the Melbourne Showgrounds on 15-16 March. Tickets are on sale now and by buying early you automatically go in a draw to win a Billygoat 2 Playground from Awesome Playgrounds (valued at $1699) and a VIP meet and greet with Jimmy Giggle. There’ll be lots of entertainment, workshops and speakers to hear including Pinky McKay on ‘Toddler Tactics’.

(I’m going to listen to that session. I’d like to know how I handled the incident of Maeve’s black permanent marker on the red leather couch.)

And of course, you can browse the many stands displaying their boutique baby and children’s products.

Now, the countdown is on. My sewing machine is oiled. I have homemade sausage rolls and lasagne in portions in the freezer. Piles of clean washing will cover the couch. And the texta.

4 thoughts on “Taking an idea and making it your own

  1. So beautiful, Larissa!! They turned out really well and I admire your patience and creativity. I always love flicking back through your blog and can relate to so many of your moments. Oh wow, though, I didn’t realise the black texta was on a RED leather couch. Now I can see why you may have had a small implosion. The horror! Our very dark brown ones are very forgiving but forever stained by breast milk vomit, as is the carpet;) Keep carrying on with your good humour and magical moments. X Sarah


  2. You write so well Larissa!!! I can so relate to you – I had all these great Christmas craft ideas also inspired from pinterest and all those glossy Christmas edition magazines, that I was certain the boys would just LOVE to create but alas, I ended making them instead. Daniel enjoyed watching me make them and Tom, well what self respecting 9 year old boy enjoys Christmas craft with his mother!!! Now, your black pen on the red lounge would go perfectly with my black permanent marker “large” scribble on the timber floor which Alex mastered over the Christmas holidays!!! (and of course my husband’s response to this bad news was “I wonder how he got the pen?” Well, I certainly didn’t give it to him!!) Now make sure the girls write their names on the precious pieces of art and even perhaps a date/age to seal their authenticity!


    1. That’s so funny that you were certain the boys would enjoy making all those things with you! Just when we think we know our children so well…
      Hope your timber floor gets more traffic than our couch and that Alex’s scribble is fading. Black textas are now on top of the fridge if you’re looking for ours. 🙂


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