Cool chenille

Chenille has moved up in the cool stakes. Small town publicans don’t realise how highly sought after the bedspreads are in their six rooms upstairs.

And why shouldn’t chenille be popping up in toys and clothing for kids. It’s cool as.

I’m not into upcycling vintage chenille from The Terminus, The Royal Mail or The Farmer’s Arms, but I have sourced some brand new chenille that I just can’t wait to shape into overalls. Because with an outer layer of chenille and an inner layer of flannelette, wearing these would be just like lying in bed with your grandma.

Here’s Maeve in hers:

And if you love these overalls as much as Maeve does (okay, I do), then you should get in super quick with a pre-order (available in sizes 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 2, 3 and 4). Choose from one plain colour or two-toned if you want to be cool like Maeve. $55 with no flannelette lining or $60 with a soft, warm lining. Here’s a peak of the colours I have (in very limited quantities) coming my way:

Red, yellow, purple, lime (Maeve's are green and powder blue).

2 thoughts on “Cool chenille

  1. I love these Larissa! The colours are beautiful as well! One of the Allans needs to have a baby so I can start buying these things! Maybe I’ll start stockpiling for the day…..


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