It’s true – this is the best banana cake ever

If you’re looking for a weekend activity and something for the week’s lunchboxes, you must make this banana cake:

Photo courtesy of

I’m no chef. Not even a cook. I like to bake sweet things. In fact, I only eat dinner so that I can have dessert.

So how would I come across a food blog? Well Cuisine Diplomatic is written by my vivacious and talented food-writing cousin, Louisa. The girl can write. And my guess is she can cook.

You won’t be disappointed with this cake. The only disappointment will be how tight your jeans are going to feel tomorrow. And with your self discipline when you turn around from the bench to answer your daughter and try to look like you don’t have a mouth full of cake.

Now, onto business. For all of those who wanted black (and I don’t blame you), you’ve got black. Elsie wore hers all day and I’ve just added them to my shop:

2 thoughts on “It’s true – this is the best banana cake ever

  1. Thank you so much for your nice comments Larissa! I’m really pleased that you liked the cake. Your products look fantastic as well, so jealous of your sewing skills!


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