Launching cool pants for boys

There are bigger things happening in the world; Will and Kate’s wedding, bin Laden’s death, a New Zealand tornado, road trauma, local tragedy. After all of that, it seems insignificant to blog about the small things in life. But all together they make up my life, and all together they make up the big things in all of our lives. Since I’m not a queen-to-be, a terrorist or a Kiwi and can’t personally blog about those newsworthy items, for now I’m going to share a little of the happenings in our lives, house and business.

I’ve finished my prototype for the toddler pants. I want to call them boys’ pants, because I get the feeling that handmade items for boys are hard to find. Truth be known, hard to make. Well, not so much hard to make – let’s say I haven’t been stimulated to make items for little boys when I have two girls. Is that a softer way to say ‘uninspiring’? It’s agreed, isn’t it – I’m not stating anything new. Little girls are easier to buy for – there are so many cool and pretty things out there (did I mention my winter dresses?).

Well, I put my mind to it, because customers were requesting it and market goers have asked about it. And here they are – the grooviest, most comfortable pants your little boy can wear and be admired in. And with the flat front and elastic back, they’re easy to put on and with a bit of hope, don’t scream ‘handmade’. What’s more, they’re in the cool ‘The Bear & The Whale’ blue:

Modelled by Elsie - equally good on girls as boys...

I haven’t added them to my shop yet because I got three orders for mobiles yesterday, and I want to concentrate on getting those made. Most of my sewing is done at night, once the girls are in bed. And tonight, I nearly fell over. Both girls were in bed at 5.50pm. Yes. Ten to six. Two HOURS earlier than usual. The news wasn’t even on TV when I changed it from ABC2 and opened my cool drink, wondering what I should do with myself. Tidy toys. Cook tea. Make a mobile. Fold washing. Pack for our stall at the Murrabit Country Market this weekend. Get ready for swimming tomorrow. Pay bills. Have another cool drink. Check Facebook. Add items to my Madeit store. Write a blog entry.

I’ve enjoyed making some tops for little girls this week, rather than dresses. I just love my girls in jeans or a denim skirt and its my hope that these comfortable tops will look great on your girls too.

They're one-offs. I buy only enough of each fabric to make one top or dress. I'll take them to the market on the weekend and then post them (or others) in my shop afterwards.

And now, I need to hit the sewing machine. Or the washing pile. I’m choosing the sewing machine.

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