Introducing The Bear & The Whale…

Take a passion for an old handicraft, add some new ideas, and there you have it – my new business, The Bear & The Whale (read how and why it started in About Us), my new website (which went ‘live’ yesterday), my first ever blog entry, and today, my first ever market (Sugar & Spice Children’s Market in Ballarat).

My Mum and I ticked off all of the things we’d listed to take, and set up shop for the first time. We made some sales, mostly her gorgeous dolls clothes and my rattles.

The Bear & The Whale stall at Sugar & Spice Children's Market - Nov 2010
Our stall

So, here’s the range of emotions I felt today  – excitement and anticipation overnight (12midnight, 2.30am, 3.30am, 4.30am and 5.30am), tiredness at 6.30am when the alarm went off, anxiety and nervousness as the market doors were close to opening and we were far from ready, a lack of satisfaction over our stall display, a slight rise in satisfaction as we shuffled things around, excitement again as I sold the first item of the day (a doll rattle), deflation when we didn’t sell all we’d hoped to sell, encouragement and inspiration from other gorgeous stall holders and displays,  joy and pleasure as my Mum and I laughed til we cried so many times, and finally exhaustion.

And the lessons from our first market?

  • Less is more
  • Have a practice run setting up the display before the actual day (‘Oh, we don’t need to do that!’)
  • Arrive earlier than we did
  • Don’t be deflated when a sales target plucked out of thin air is not reached. It’s a chance to meet people, find treasures and be seen with our products.

I hope you’ll enjoy browing the shop categories on the left. I added just a few things to the categories before the site went live but will continue to add many more every chance I get.

If you saw something on our stall today but the item is not yet available in the shop, feel free to contact me with what it is you’re after. Perhaps you saw something you liked but would prefer a different fabric? Let me know and we can easily make something especially to suit and pop it in the post.

Nursery mobiles
My biggest fan - our daughter, Maeve

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Bear & The Whale…

  1. Clink (insert sound of champagne flutes)! Congratulations, Larissa, on a great first market and gorgeous everything else (logo, website, blog, family, mobiles…). Love your work!


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